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March 16 Special Board Meeting - Shared screen with gallery view
Danielle and Cari
many elementary school classes have 24 or less students. I’m wondering why we would only have 2 days for a couple of hours in person rather than 4-5 days? Especially if approximately 50% of students are opting for distance only.
Kerry Fiero
Are students told if their teacher has been vaccinated? If a student is choosing to return to school, but that teacher will not be coming back in person, does the student get moved to a different teacher?
Grozelia Ward
Thanks for your question Teresa! We wanted to implement a model that will allow teachers and students to remain together for the rest of the year.
Grozelia Ward
Mrs. Escobar if an employee is absent we secure a substitute.
Danielle and Cari
I’m also wondering if a cohort model of AM/PM was considered? And if so, what were the reasons for not considering that. For example, AM could by in-person only and PM distance only. That way teachers are not struggling with concurrent teaching.
People don’t always report and because of that my son was in the hospitalized because parents sent there kids to school with the flu.
January 2020
David D'Antonio
As a teacher, I support returning and support keeping teachers and students together for the rest of the year. I question the efficiency, however, of teaching students in person and virtually simultaneously. What kind of training will be provided to teachers to teach in this manner?
Sophia Siebert
I am very concerned as well about teachers trying to do both things at once - both groups of learners lose out in this model. And it doesn't allow students much in person time at all
Louise Shaw
Teachers have not been taught how to do this and only 1 day to set up and figure this out is not enough.
Louise Shaw
Before COVID, there were only enough janitors to clean the classrooms every other day. Will you be hiring more janitors so classrooms can be cleaned daily?
Sophia Siebert
What do our teachers want? Do we know how they feel about concurrent vs. keeping groups in person and distance learning separate?
Sonya Castillo
I was expecting to see details for the different levels - elem, MS and HS. I fail to see how at the Middle School level 6 periods will be accomplished in this schedule. What are the specific details?
Sonya Castillo
What considerations are being discussed for staff in high risk categories for COVID-19?
Teryn Kravitz Kesweder
As a teacher, I’m worried about pivoting with only a day to train and switch over.
Phil Smothermon Jr.
With me in the classroom, broadcasting to the rest at home, will there be mobile cams so I can still get through the classroom? Concurrent sounds busy. What will our disaster policy update might look like I wonder? Plexiglass teacher stations are still a question for me.
Ms. Fortier (she, her)
Will plexiglass be supplied for classrooms? They are not currently there. Or is this not mandatory safety equipment?
Takesha Polk
How will 6 periods work at middle school? What does the hybrid model look like?
Sonya Castillo
As a teacher, I am being asked to learn how to do this concurrent teaching in 1 day AND to set up my classroom in 1 day? How is that respectful of our teacher?
Andrew Fisher
A day is not enough as well. Neighboring districts have given teachers 5 days with minimal distance learning schedules in order to pivot.
During distance learning my daughter has been through 4-5 substitute teachers. VERY STRESSFUL. I know that this is due to state laws but I'm sure something could have been done to avoid all of these changes. We are not sure that things will open up completely. Are you guys doing anything to avoid this from happening again?
Louise Shaw
And, any accommodations to the family members at high risk of COVID being fatal.
Ms. Parra (she/her)
In that video that was shown, the teacher was provided a mic and also plexiglass. Will this be provided? The district claims that sites are ready, yet many sites have NOT opened yet for even Small Person Cohorts. How on earth could we be prepared to go back by April 1st?
As a teacher who will be TEACHING students tomorrow in Castro Valley, I am going to suggest that MANY of these questions HAVE ALREADY BEEN FIGURED OUT by neighboring districts!! It'd be EASY to ASK these districts to send over their info - it's PLENTIFUL and would help EXPEDITE THIS PROCESS that is so painfully slow. You don't want to "lose students"? REACH OUT TO OTHER DISTRICTS WHO HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS WORK!!!
James Riddle
Will parents be notified if a teacher has not been vaccinated?
Annika Guzman
does the concurrent model mean more zoom for the kids who are home while the "roomers: are in class? Sounds like it would be more time on zoom than what my K and 2 students have today
Louise Shaw
Teaching concurrently with some at home and some in class is not going to solve this problem.
Ms. Grant
As a teacher, I feel that both students lose out in hybrid learning. It will take a long time for us to learn how to do this well, but with only 2 months left in the school year, and only 1 work day to prepare our classrooms, it is NOT enough time.
Danielle and Cari
@ Ann. Thank you. For example, we can look to CVUSD as an example of how to do this safely in a way that works for teachers and is meaningful for students, at least at the elementary level.
Louise Shaw
What does the District plan to do to catch the students up? It can’t all be on the teachers.
Louise Shaw
The solution cannot be more computer programs!
Caroline (she/her)
How many minutes of in person are we talking about for elementary? And what time? How will this work for working families if reduction in minutes or midday pickup is needed?
Caroline (she/her)
Also, Is there at least a tentative agreement between SLUSD and SLTA? This is all well and good but without certificates teachers it’s not possible.
Yes, the elementary goes back before Spring Break and the upper grades come back right after. We have been "planning" for this return since November. We've had pods since November.
Andrew Fisher
What have other districts done about students who struggle with mask wearing?
Stephanie Diehl she/her
Students not being tested means we don’t have an accurate view of who is getting covid. I am deeply concerned about asymptomatic students getting covid and strains meeting in students and creating super variants. (Teacher)
Andrew Fisher
As a teacher I am concerned about this
Katie Utehs Panzer
What is the teachers union demanding before returning to in person instruction? If an agreement with the union is required for reopening it would be helpful to know what they are asking for.