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Family Learning Series #3: Supporting TK-5 Students in Distance Learning - Shared screen with speaker view
Keziah Moss
Welcome everyone! We will get started in just a few minutes!! We are so glad you are here with us tonight!
Keziah Moss
Get ready to learn about ways you can support your TK-5th grade students in distance learning!
Communication is very important and has been great between my son's teacher and other staff.
Gaia Pine (she)
@Haydee: su Facilitadora de padres les puede ayudar con esto
Alka Ram
for the little ones (maybe big too) when you can’t get outside, think of different ways to set up a little obstacle course, or a dance party for one song Movement is important for all of us
Grecia Casas
what about smaller groups ? once a week at least
A-Niesha SAPP
my child is having a hard time getting to do and understand the work. as a parent I not the teacher and feel as though if the teacher said it on zoom then she should understand the work. I don’t have the educational background to help her understand what she’s supposed to do
Gabriel Villafrade
my child is having trouble with zoom connection going in and out during class session and he looses part of the class or when teacher is explaining something
Sharif (Roxie's Dad)
I agree with A-Neisha's comment. We are older we learned math a certain way so to try to help with math the way they teach now is something we as parents need to relearn.. so would be nice to get some kinda assignment notification from Teachers so we can learn again the "right way"
Gaia Pine (she)
A-Niesha: of course! did you all reach out to the teacher for help ? How did that go?
ET Admin
I don't hear a lot of participation from my student to the teacher. One or two questions are answered, but not actual conversation. Group/breakout rooms might help students feel more connected and social.
Gaia Pine (she)
Many of our learning tools have extra video tutorials that students can view again after class
Gaia Pine (she)
@Alka - fun!
Kate K.
We play this game usually camping but I think in these unusual times, it would be an awesome SIP at home bonding game. One person starts off a story, the next person continues the story, and the next, round and round till we exhaust all ideas in creating the story...it's a lot of fun if you have more than 2 people to play but I have tried with my kiddo, just the 2 of us. Helps sharpen the imagination/creativity bug!
Gaia Pine (she)
Thanks kate - great suggestion
great idea
Alka Ram
Love that Kate K!!!
Gaia Pine (she)
Here is Alka’s suggestion: When we couldn’t get books (due to the pandemic), we started making up Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Then we found out about Epic (read to me) and finally the main Library has Audio Books we just play when we can’t read to our son during the day as he gets enough screen time as it is.
A-Niesha SAPP
I don’t think I expressed enough to her current teacher. also the current topic of independence. I feel as a 2nd graders she is expected to be independent for her work but with everything being on the screen...sometimes I can’t monitor her all the time... assignments online then she goes to another site to is watching videos on YouTube that isn’t school work
ET Admin
We have "story dice" the are about 9 dice with pictures on them, we toss them up and create stories using the pictures on the dice. I also purchased some multiplication and division "war" card games on Amazon. The kids have to figure out the answer to see who wins the flip.
Gaia Pine (she)
@ melissa: you can find all the recordings and slides under the “families and community” tab on the school or district website
Alka Ram
That’s super cool ET Admin!
A-Niesha SAPP
how do we control what they are doing on the computer? some of the work is a video on YouTube which is hard to set controls when some of the work is found on YouTube
Luan Truong
Something that helps families tremendously is to stay informed. The district uses ParentSquare to communicate with parents. Most teachers provide a wealth of information. Make sure you have the ParentSquare app installed on your smartphone and allow notifications. An informed parent is an involved parent.
Gaia Pine (she)
@A-Niesha: I hear your pain.. I have a teenager and have the same issue. I’m trying to remember which apps allow that type of control. I’ll get back to you if I find it in time
Quinn Stone
Please block non-school websites on the SLUSD Chromebooks: Instagram, TikTok, etc. If I had control over them, I'd do it, but because they are administered by SLUDS, I have no control. YouTube also, but much more difficult because some classes use YouTube videos in instructions.
Lillian Maceda-Juracich
I would like to see that too Quinn esp YouTube.
Angelina Vergara
we do story stretches/motions- we think of a stretch or active motion and lead a stretch while creating a story; we take turns to lead a stretch and create the next part of the story (i.e. Me: "Once upon a time the sun came up" (stretch to sky) Son: "and then a bunny came down the road" (jump up and down)....) way to get energy going and collaborative creativity during breaks
I'd like to add youtube for kids on my son's laptop but it won't allow us. To make using his laptop more enjoyable for him
junie ruiz
we play tag or hide & seek
Alka Ram
ohh, I really like that Angelina Vergara!!! I need that, too!
Angelina Vergara
right! for me too lol:), Alka
Angelina Vergara
Thank YOU all!
Gaia Pine (she)
I haven’t yet tested it, but this came up as a Chrome option to limit distractions: https://families.google.com/familylink/
Alka Ram
thank you for this!
Sharif (Roxie's Dad)
Thank you!